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"(500) Days of Summer and (0) Freaking Days of Winter" Hah. *Sob*

In the SF Bay Area it's not as hot as in Austin (currently 66º to your 96º), but I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone episode where first they're too hot and then find out they're actually freezing. (Or the opposite, I'm afraid to look it up.) Two nights ago, despite having all the windows open I couldn't sleep because the nighttime temperature never dropped below 64º F. I read somewhere recently that one of the problems of climate change is the human body's inability to sleep when its core body temperature never cools. I lived by the SF bay for 15 years, and loved the cold coastal nights. My litmus test is a beautiful 1990's Loro Piana cashmere winter coat I bought from a sale rack at Neiman Marcus. It was $500 for a $2500 coat. Number of days cold enough to wear that coat in the last years? ZERO. *Sob*

Stay as cool as you can. ❄️

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